January, 2015

January, 2015: Happy New Year, and welcome to a massive update of new material on this site! Starting off, we have several new box dioramas seen at the MMSI Chicago Show in October 2014: “Cave of the Storm Nymphs” (see Web site editor Jim DeRogatis’s gallery page as well as his step-by-step article); “Box #3” (see co-editor Barry Biediger’s gallery page as well as his step-by-step article), and “The Birth of the Hunley” by a modeler new to this site, Paul Burgess, who now has a fresh gallery page.
Jim also showed his diorama “Il Cenacolo” in Chicago, and subsequently added to the step-by-step article for that piece based on questions from other modelers. Still busy returning to school to study theater design, our site’s other co-editor Darryl Audette has completed several ¼”-scale models for his classes, all very much of interest to box diorama builders, and those have been added to his gallery page. Darryl also took the time out from his studies to write a making-of article on one of those projects, a tribute to Andy Warhol.

Next up, John Long has a new box to show, and he’s given us a short step-by-step on its creation; as promised during the last update in August 2014, we’ve collected some great pictures of the boxes built by Markus Eckmann of Scorpio Models (be sure to see his gallery page and his great step-by-step for “A Night at the Scriptorium” ); we have a new gallery page for New York artist Michael Scarborough, and Jack Lynch has finished reworking his diorama “The Homecoming,” which can be seen on his gallery page.

As part of a big project (more on that in a second), we’ve also added a lot of new images to the Various Artists, Newer Work page and the Various Artists, Older Work page, so be sure to check those out, too.
Several veteran modelers also have gotten expanded galleries; these include Dwight Franklin, Lewis Pruneau, Spencer Van Gulick, and Philip O. Stearns. These pages were created because we spent a lot of time over the holidays scanning in literally hundreds of images and articles from the entire run of back issues for Campaigns magazine, as well as many file copies of older issues of Military Modelling, Figurines, and Historical Miniatures, along with a few other stray periodicals and some out-of-print books. Be sure to visit the articles page to finds this treasure-trove of new (old) material!
Finally, we’ve responded to a couple of new questions on our comments page, and we always welcome more, in addition to including your work, or happily accepting other older articles or images about box dioramas that we have not yet found and scanned to include on this site. We aim to make this the ultimate resource for box diorama builders and enthusiasts, and we need your help to make that happen!
Until next time, happy modeling, and enjoy the site!—Jim, Barry, and Darryl, your faithful editors of BOXDIORAMAS.COM