John Reid is a Canadian modeler who specializes in what he calls “storyboard dioramas.” He writes: “This an idea I picked up from Walt Disney, who used to storyboard all of his cartoons back in the day. It is simply a series of pics or vignettes that tell a story, meant for a museum setting whereby a narrator or handheld computer app would tell the viewer what was going on in a logical sequence.” Aftermany freestanding scenes, John did his first boxed diorama “That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Earth,” which is on permanent display at Canada’s Aviation and Space Museum. “I am a retired aviator who was literally born into aviation,” John says. “In fact my dad’s logbook from the RCAF notes that he flew over the hospital where I was born and did a victory roll. All of my aircraft dioramas are 1/16th scale. This particular piece is titled after a popular slogan in America during WWI and it was inspired by the movie Flyboys.” Now, he's done a second box: “Keepers of the Flame.”

“Keepers of the Flame, 1918-1929” (1/16, 2016)

“That Liberty Shall Not Perish from the Earth (1/16, 2016)
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