A grand master modeler renowned for his exquisite skills as a painter and sculptor, with a catalog of work ranging from single figures to small dioramas or vignettes to flats, Greg DiFranco is a driving force behind the Long Island Model Soldier Society. He is a regular at miniature shows throughout the U.S. and around the world, and he is an impressive singer who can pull off a mean Frank Sinatra. To date, he has set three of his flats in what he calls natural light boxes.


Greg DiFranco, Alexander at Issus
(2017, flats set into a natural light box; top photo by Bob Sarnowski; photo directly above by Penny Meyer)

Madame Récamier, after the painting by Francois Gérard
(2007, 70mm flat set into a natural light box)
Click here for an article by Greg on building the natural light box 

Burgundian Romance
(natural light box)

 Napoleon Crossing the Alps, after David
(1989, 30mm flat set in a natural light box)