Anders Runnholm is a 45-year-old history teacher, now working with education at the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional  Growth. He lives in the north of Sweden in a small town called Arjeplog, not far from the Arctic circle, some 250 km away from the closest hobby shop. He writes:

“I started building model railways as a boy in the 1970s, but then came the usual break with girls, soccer, music, and studies—not necessarily in that order, though. In the late 1990s, however, my soccer days were over and I decided to try some model railroading again, and I haven’t looked back. In 1999, I started experimenting with building model railroads in 1/35th scale. Since 2009, I’ve been experimenting with combining model railways and boxed dioramas and I’ve built (and scrapped) a few small layouts. Building model railroads in 1/35th scale is still rather unusual, even though the interest has grown in the last years. Building railways in a large scale of course means you have to compress the length of tracks, and there the box diorama comes in handy. By modeling only a concentrated scene, sometimes just suggesting a large industry or a station, I’ve found the compression easier to accept. (You could say that the compression is easier to accept when it is made more obvious.)”

Gumpens Sag

Urbota Cement

Vad Hande Har