Originally from New Jersey, Scotte "Bricks" Turner now lives in the Washington, D.C. area, where he is a member of the National Model Soldier Society. He has been collecting and painting scale soldiers since the late' 70, and is heavily influenced by Shep Paine and the abundance of the hobby in the '70s and '80s. He says he has always been an artist and is now a professional tattoo and mixed media artist who tries "incorporate my soldiers in my art any chance I get."

Beauty Fades

"Beauty Fades," 1/24th

 Scotte notes: "I used the confinement of the box, mirror, diffrent scale flowers, and the lettering to have several focal points before you even notice the reflection. The half-painted figure works perfectly." Click here for another view.

"Toast to the King"

Scotte notes: "These are John Eden figures and I loved painting these. The dioramas was built of wood scraps, Styrofoam, some old jewelry, and green stuff for the fruit and jug." Click here for additional views.


Scotte notes: "'Crossroads' was built from an old mirror frame and a scratchbuilt box. This piece took a year. It was totally organic--no plan. So many trinkets and memories from travels in here. Also a lot of donated figures from fellow artists." Click here for additional views.