Anthony Tedesco is a 56-year-old modeler in Rome. "For years I have built boxed dioramas with which I participated in various competitions here in Italy," he writes. "Perhaps because, as Ray Anderson wrote, as well as knowing how to paint figurines, you need to know how to work wood, know a little about electricity, and have perspective concepts. My works utilize LED technology and battery power because no competition (except in very rare cases) gives access to the power line. With LEDs I found that I get at least 4 days of autonomy: just enough for an exhibition. I've found much interest on my works and I wish to become the Italian promoter of the boxed diorama art."


"Mi manchi..." ("I miss you...")
54mm, 2017


Fuga da Alcatraz


Il processo e la Confessione (The Process and the Confession)

OSTERIA 001.jpg

Osteria romana del 1820


La Taverna - 1630 circa (The Tavern - circa 1630)


Soldati... che gente! (Soldiers... what strange kind of people!)