Born in East Chicago, Greg is a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana. He caught the modeling bug (planes, tanks, and cars) growing up in the 1960s, and this interest was fueled by reading Scale Modeler magazine and visiting the old Squadron Show in Elmhurst, IL. He tells us the first miniatures kit he ever had was a WWI Austrian mortar and crew by Superior (and he wishes he had that kit again now!). A veteran of the steel industry for more than 30 years, his other interests include film, Chicago sports, performance art, dining, and motorsports. “My shadowbox collection is very limited,” he says, “But for me the enjoyment is using my imagination to create a scene that gives the viewer an interesting moment.”

Incident at Rendelsham
Depicting the purported close encounter by two USAF airmen near RAF Brentwaters in 1980
(2013, 54mm)

Where Eagles Dare
(2010, 54mm)