Darryl is Darryl a retired dental professional, now a professional Theatrical Designer and Model Maker, working in Canada. Since the age of 12, he has been building models of all kinds, concentrating on figures, and then on dioramas, especially enclosed shadowbox dioramas, which sparked his imagination after seeing the work of Grand Master Sheperd Paine at the age of 14. In addition to co-hosting this site with Jim DeRogatis, he contributed the bibliography and invaluable research to the 2008 book Sheperd Paine: The Life and Work of a Master Military Modeler and Historian. His other interests include travel, his second passionate hobby is photography, and he is grateful for all of the lifelong friends that he has made in that field as well as in modeling. Visit Darryl on the Web and see much more of his work at darrylaudette.com.


“Into the Gates of Hell: Normandy, 1944” (1/35 scale, 2019)

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MEOW June #1.jpg


Miniature Enthusiasts of Winnipeg Calendar Project (1/12 and 1/24, 2019)

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Take That #1.jpg

“Take That”

Forced perspective shadow box (1/24, 1/32, 1/72; 2019)

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“Mother and Baby Dragon in Cage” (2018)
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Lady on the stairs MAIN IMAGE .jpg

“Tea at The MEOW Grand Hotel” (1/12 scale, 2018)
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model airplane #1.jpg

WW1 Dogfight (1/72, 2017)
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“Comradery at 25,000 feet” Normandy 1944 (120mm, 2017)
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Caretakers suite Main.jpg

The Caretaker’s Suite and Boiler Room of a New York Hotel, 1950s (1/12, 2016)
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“Twelfth Night,” (2015; 1/4”= 1’)

Darryl writes: This is a coloured theatre-scale model of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night, for my University Theatre and Film Design Honours Program. A Venetian coastal town is swept by a giant tsunami leaving one side ripped off its foundations, while the other side is torn apart, all pillars strewn about. Awaiting is cast of storm-swept survivors, and the play begins… Mostly made of foamcore, strip wood, and various textured papers, painted with gouache and acrylic paints.