Mitsuo Kure is a Tokyo-based artist who was inspired by Shep Paine to try his hand at box dioramas. He writes: “I was born in 25 Dec. 1947 in Tokyo. I started plastic modelling when I was around 10 years old. My first model was the B-47 Stratjet in 1/144, which was contained in a small matchbox-shaped container with an ample amount of liquid adhesive, as far as I remember. I am sure this kit was one of the first imported plastic model kit from the U.S. to Japan. When Tamiya first published a photo brochure called Pachi over 40 years ago, I got a first prize for the photo I contributed. Since my father bought me a camera, I have been devoted to taking photographs of diorama I made.” The Christmas diorama is a kit of forgotten manufacturer except donkey, cow and hens by Britain. I wrote three samurai books in English. At the beginning I intended to make a reference book for the samurai figure painter but it turned out to be a full-scale samurai history book which is available from Amazon.”

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