Barry works as a geographic information systems analyst (electronic cartographer) for the state of Utah based in Salt Lake City, where he lives with his wife Joan, a very talented painter of flats. The couple has shown their work at shows across the U.S. and at World Expo, and Barry also tinkers with building guitars and electronic effects pedals. 



“Hallway” (1/32, 2019)


The Other Window (1/48 forced perspective, 2017)

October (54mm, 2016)
Photo by Bob Sarnowski

Box #5 (70mm, 2016)
Photo by Bob Sarnowski
Click here for a shot of the project in progress

Box #3 (54mm, 2014)

NYC, 1977 (2013, 54mm)

Recruitment of the Young Guard (2012, 100mm or 1/15th)

Recruitment of the Young Guard (2012, 100mm)

This is the first box Barry built, a tribute to Grand Master Sheperd Paine, an early hero and inspiration, on the occasion of a special honor awarded Shep at the MFCA show in Valley Forge in 2012.