The images below are of various box dioramas dating from the ’70s through the early 2000s, some from now out-of-print magazines, representing memorable work seen at various modeling shows throughout the U.S. and Europe.

“Kingfisher Morning “(1/24), by Sans Robinson, an English miniaturist who worked with his wife under the moniker Rosie Duck Designs.

Above are several shots of a Napoleonic scene by Glynn Porteous recently brought to our attention by Collecting at Collectibles.

The Death of Wolfe
By Andrei Koribanics
(Photo from the collection of Shep Paine)

Music of the Night
By Vince Buonifiglio
(Displayed at MFCA 1994; photo by Jack Szuchy)

U.S. Marines in Mexico City, 1847
By Displayers Inc., N.Y.
(As seen in Model Soldiers: Pleasures and Treasures by Henry Harris; Putnam, 1962)

Scratchbuilt Fantasy Scene
By Bill Pritchard (Campaigns #36, Sept./Oct. 1981)

Tameside Science Fiction Society (Campaigns #40, May/June 1982)

The Portrait
By Pignol (Campaigns #15, Mar./April 1978)

Le Palais Royal Sous le Consulate
By Jean-Pierre Mir (Campaigns #15, Mar./April 1978)

Wizard’s Workshop
John Mueller (Campaigns #39, March/April 1982)

The Blacksmith’s Shop
By Joe Keenan and Jack Weber (Campaigns #11, July/Aug. 1977)

Incident de Route
By Claude Vanhessche (Campaigns #22, May/June 1979)

Napoleon Meets the Pope
By Pedro Suarez (Campaigns #22, May/June 1979)

At the Well
By Glynn Porteous (Military Modelling, Jan. 1982)
Also see the making-of article in Campaigns

A Night in Venice
By David Catley (Military Modelling, Jan. 1982)

The Burning of Moscow
By David Catley (Military Modelling, Oct. 1980)

From Figurines magazine coverage of Mondial de la Figure Paris 1996:
Jimmy Lhoste devant son diorama geant pilote a distance par une telecommande
(Google Translate: Jimmy Lhoste before his giant diorama pilot distance by remote control)

Village de Bree
By  Richard Poisson (28mm; Figurines magazine)

Hunting Lodge
By George Jones (Photo courtesy Shep Paine)

The Golden Eagle Tavern
By Bob Santos (See the making-of article from Campaigns, 1979)

The Final Feast
By Norman Abbey (Also see the making-of article from Military Modelling, 1974)

The Press Gang
By Norman Abbey (Also see the making-of article from Military Modelling, 1974)

La Cour des Miracles
By Yves Bigre (See also the making-of article, Campaigns 1978)

Billeted on the Peasants
By Brian Courtney (See also the making-of article, Military Modelling, 1988)

Gendarmes Questioning a Peasant
By Pierre Conrad

Departure of King Jacques II for France
By B. Lason

Roundheads with a Royalist Prisoner
By Josianne Desfontaines

By Josianne Desfontaines

By Jean-Pierre Duthilleul  (See the making-of article in Figurines, l996)

By Jean-Pierre Duthilleul (See also the making-of article in Figurines, 1998)

La Mort de Marat
By Didier Marillet (See also the making-of article in Figurines)

Nostalgia By Jacques Leliepvre (See also the making-of article in Campaigns, 1979)

Polish Lancers Entering a Village
By Robert Blanc

The Despatch Carrier
By Andre Leiba

The Artist
By Joachim Neumayer (Military Modelling, 2011)