Andy Axtell lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and has been building models since the early 1960s. He is one of the founding members of the Historical Miniature Society of Northeast Oklahoma. Currently disabled, he drove a truck for 25 years and built stage and television lighting equipment before that. "I started out building model cars and had branched out into armor when I came across Shep Paine’s book on building dioramas and was introduced to figure painting and diorama building," Andy says. "It was also about that time that Mike Davidson (who became a good friend and mentor) opened his miniature shop The Hussar in Tulsa, which further expanded my horizons. I haven’t had the time or space to get into aircraft or ships but I am interested in most forms of modeling. I love the aspect of telling a story with a diorama and the challenges that a boxed diorama presents in fully telling that story."


Jesus and the Demon Possessed Man

(120mm, 2015)