The images below are of various box dioramas and “mini-boxes” seen at recent shows (and generally snapped on the fly with the cell phone, unless otherwise credited, so apologies for the quality!). Please, if any of these pieces are yours, or you know the modeler, contact us and send us some more information and images so we can create a proper gallery page for you!

Anthony Hell.jpg

Anthony’s Boxed Dioramas, “The Haunting of Hill House”


Michael Carnago, Alley box/book end


Jordan Baker, “Patting a Panther in the Dark”

Jordan writes: “I’d like to submit some pictures of a boxed diorama I made in 2017, my first ever. I used many of the articles from your website as inspiration and help in building mine. The diorama is based off an actual account from some night fighting in Normandy. The story was taken from the book Guns of Normandy by George Blackburn.


Andy Acres

Box dioramas master Nick Infield first turned us on to artist Andy Acres. (From an article Nick found on the Web: London-based model maker and founder of Chimerical Reveries Andy Acres invites you to “peer into another world” with his hand-crafted shadow boxes. Inspired by the art of storytelling, each enchanting model depicts eerie, abandoned scenes in miniature scale. Derelict farmhouses, old attics, and fog-filled forests are just some of the places you will find. Ranging in size, each shadow box features meticulous details, rich textures, and deep colors. Viewers are able to inspect Acres’ spooky scenes at different angles to discover intriguing, hidden details and envision their own story.) Andy specializes in what that article called “Spooky Miniature Shadow Boxes.” You can see images of his fantastic work on his site here.


John Fraim point us to Joshua Smith, an interesting artist doing miniature scenes in Norwood, South Australia. Visit his Web site and see a fantastic gallery of his work here.

While you’re clicking around, Matthew Albanese is an artist in upstate New York who does amazing dioramas of nature scenes. (His work is copyrighted and I cannot post an image here, but do check out his gallery!)


Storefront window box diorama in Madrid (photo by Joe Berton)


A wonderful box display of vintage paper toy soldiers by Herb Metzler at Chicago World Expo 2017. (Photo by Penny Meyer)

Two shots of a very nice partial box diorama featuring a Japanese mini-submarine by Asian modeler Francis Lee found on Facebook.

Massimiliano Amon Richiero.jpeg

A wonderful and whimsical little fantasy box by Massimiliano Amon Richiero found of Facebook.

Irish modeler Mike Lynch submitted the shots above via email; they depict a 20 x 20 inch model of a railroad roundhouse. Mike writes: "I was always very much taken with the way Shep Paine used artificial light in his dioramas and so have tried to emulate his techniques in most of my layouts. Modelling can bring much joy and it can be great medicine when wanting to block out the troubles of the real world.  I try very much to promote this and am always looking at ways to encourage people into the hobby." More of his work can be seen at

Above is an excellent single-figure box recently completed by Greek modeler Vasilis Triantafyllou. The link will take you to his Facebook page, and we would love to feature more of your work, Vasilis!

Above are two shots of a Medieval-themed box shown by Adrian Smith at the Eindhoven show in 2016.

Here are two ambitious dioramas show in 2016 by Mike McFadden, a member of the U.S. Junior Scale Modeling Team. Well-done, Mike, and keep at it! Photos by Penny Meyer.

A nice still-life box found recently on the web, artist unknown. Great work; contact us! We would love to credit you, tell the story, and see more.

A striking Historex scene found on the Web with the following description: Vincennes, 21 March 1804, three in the morning. Very odd things are happening in the ditches of the castle... Kidnapped in Germany where he had migrated, summarily tried by a military tribunal, Louis Antoine De Bourbon, Duc D’ Enghien, accompanied by his dog Mohiloff (a pug). Listen to his death sentence was read by an Adjutant-General by the light of a lantern. The Army Platoon, elite guard consular is ready, the grave too... On the bridge crossing the divide, the generals savary (Panache to the cocked hat) and hulin (scarf of command on the frock coat) were present at the scene with the other officers forming the military tribunal having signed what Talleyrand will say that it was more than a Crime: a fault! Contact us for credit!


A Star Wars box seen on the Web. Nice stuff; contact us for credit and to tell us the story!

Mitsuo Kure, Fantasy Box inspired by Shep Paine’s diorama tribute to Frank Frazetta (54mm, approximately 1986)


Kelly's Heroes By Brian Duddy
A 1/35th scale box diorama based on the classic 1970 movie seen at the 2015 MMSI Chicago Show, uniquely (and appropriately) set in an old TV. (Photo by Bob Sarnowski)

Hunchback Box
Beautifully displayed by Ken Hunt at MFCA 2015 (photo by Penny Meyer)

Jesus and the Demon Possessed Man

By Andy Axtell

The Death of Nelson
(Barry King, scale unknown; photo from Historical Miniatures magazine.)
Best of Show at SCHAMS, 2000

Sinking of the Titanic
(Randy Myers, scale unknown; photo from Figure International magazine #27.)
Best of Show at SCHAMS, 2008


There and Back Again
(Artist unknown, as displayed at World Expo 2013, beside the following box diorama, another fantasy/hobbit scene. The one failing of the otherwise superb Expo was that the names of artists and titles of their pieces were not displayed, remaining a mystery to many admirers!)

Wrong Exit
(Luca Masetti, 54mm; as displayed at World Expo 2013)

(By Ken Hunt, scale unknown; photo by Nick Infield, as displayed at MFCA 2013)

Jack the Ripper
(By Bill Donohue, 54mm; as displayed at MFCA 2013)

London, 1943
(By Didier Hachem, 54mm; as displayed at MFCA 2013)

Bottom of the Fifth
(Fletcher Clement, 54mm; photo by Bob Sarnowski)

The Kid
(Dieter Mattingly, 54mm; photo by Bob Sarnowski)

You Shall Not Pass
By Ted Kalinowski (Figure International #5, April 2003)