One of the last links Shep Paine brought to this site’s attention was one showing the work of Brooklyn-born artist Alan Wolfson, who moved to Los Angeles to work for Disney, but who has done several boxes (as well as other street scenes) in his spare time, depicting vintage New York City in the “dollhouse scale” of ½-inch to 1-foot. An article on his work can be found on the Web site, which often has other pieces of interest to miniaturists and box-diorama builders, too. Particularly striking are his adult bookstore, Canal Street subway cross-section, and rendering of Jersey City’s infamous Tube Bar—which I knew well from my days working at The Jersey Journal newspaper. (It spawned a series of prank calls that were recorded and released on the Teen-Beat punk-rock label, inspiring Matt Groening’s similar calls to Moe’s Bar on The Simpsons, doncha know.)