John is based in Dublin City, Ireland, where he works as a Crime Scene Investigator for An Garda Siochana na hEireann, which is the Irish State Police Force . He is a long standing  member of the Irish Model Soldier Society and has been modeling for more than 30 years. For a long time, he was a general modeler before discovering Shep Paine’s book How to Build Dioramas, which inspired his passion for box dioramas. John has his own Web site which features his work at, and you can contact him at

(2013, 120mm/90mm forced perspective; with Philip Donnelly.)
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The Ambush (Peninsular War)
(2013, 54mm)

A Fallen Empire: Waterloo, 1815
Napoleon in his Berline
(2012, 54mm)
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Some Had Nightmares: Nuremberg, 1946
(2009, 54mm; with Roberto Spaolonzi)

Broken Wings
(2008, 54mm)
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The Lady’s Blessing
(2006, 25mm)

Veni Vedi Vici
(2004, 54mm)

Deserving of Death
(1995, 54mm)

His Father’s Son
(1994, 54mm)
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Caught in the Act
(1993, 54mm)