June, 2015

In addition to a stellar new design for the site (thank you, Kyle Hale!) and a new Web host (thanks, Squarespace.com!), we have a bevy of additions and updates to announce, starting with the latest box diorama from this site's Webmaster, Jim DeRogatis: "Harsh Awakening: Moscow, 1812," which has been added to my gallery page. You also can find a step-by-step feature article here

Next, we have added a new artist's gallery page for Scotte "Bricks" Turner from the D.C. area; he's a tattoo artist as well as a miniaturist, if any of you want to get some ink! Another new gallery page highlights the work of Japanese modeler Masahiro Fukaya; Shep Paine brought him to our attention--"We don't see many World War II boxes, or boxes from Japan, so I thought these might be of interest for the box diorama website," Shep noted--and, as usual, he was right. We'd love to hear more from Masahiro, if he sees this or if anyone knows him. Other boxes seen at recent shows include a beautifully displayed mini-box of the Hunchback of Notre Dame by Ken Hunt from MFCA 2015 and "Jesus and the Demon Possessed Man" by Andy Axtell, seen at the Tulsa show in 2015; both of these can be found on the Various Artists Newer Work page.

We have created a dedicated video page and added three new videos: "Dioramas from the Museum of Natural History, New York," "A Tribute to Shepard Paine," and "No Small Feat: Reimagining Howard Pyle's Work," all of which we think will be of interest to box diorama enthusiasts. These join the video we've had up for some time, "Fostering Creativity in the Hobby," a great panel discussion moderated by me and featuring Joe Berton, Fletcher Clement, and Shep Paine.

Finally, an the archival tip, our friend Joe Berton found a fascinating book about a series of 20 Lincoln box dioramas once on display at the Chicago Historical Society. The book came with full-page images of 14 of those boxes--we've scanned them and given them a gallery page here--and Joe is on the trail for more, including the boxes' current whereabouts, so stay tuned!

As always, we welcome your feedback and input. Send us your work! jimdero@jimdero.com