Markus Eckmann

Step by Step: A Night at the Scriptorium

Scale: 40mm. Sculptor: Markus Eckmann. Painter and Box: Benedikt Widmann and Markus Eckmann.

Materials: Aves Apoxie Sculpt, Plastic Sheet, Wooden Box, Picture  Frame, LED lights.

Inspired by Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose,” I wanted to create a boxed diorama, showing a scenery in the Scriptorium. The special target was to create a night scenery.

Step 1: At first I sculpted the figures; pictures 1 to 10 show the figures without any additions.

Step 2: The furniture, pictures 11-21.

Step 3: The basic scenery: The monks with the needed furniture; pictures 22-35.

Step 4: Creating the basic columns, pictures 36-37. A stylesheet was to create the basic  shape.

Step 5: A nosy monk was sculpted. He finally will be placed behind a  column; pictures 38-42.

Step 6: The final sculpted columns and the nosy monk; pictures 43-49.

Step 7: The completed scenery; pictures 50-55.

Step 8: The basic box, with a test background; pictures 56-57.

Final: The complete and lighted box. In the front of the box and  behind the columns I fixed LED strips. The LED have been “blued” a  little bit with oil colors.