August, 2014

August, 2014: Finally catching up on box diorama news from the MFCA show in Valley Forge last May and the World Expo in Stresa last July, we have added several pictures of new boxes seen at both events to the Various artists, Newer Work section of the Artists Galleries page. While boxes were not as plentiful at either event as at they were at the last MMSI show, it was still great to see them represented. Here are a few additional photos of the boxes at Stresa, including several featuring small-scale fantasy figures on display at the Scorpio Models booth (we hopefully will feature more on these soon). 

I was proud to have my “Il Cenacolo” share space beside John Schley’s two boxes, which are featured on his gallery page—he won a silver medal for “Nein,” his sniper scene, and the special Andrea Miniatures prize for “A Fallen Empire,” featuring Napoleon in his carriage after Waterloo.

One of the most satisfying feelings for an artist is to watch people enjoying his or her work. Here is an Italian family that seemed fascinated by “Il Cenacolo,” as well as a group of nuns who I caught a little too late, two seconds after they all had been oohing and ahhing over the scene for several minutes.

Finally, here are shots of Barry Biediger by his gold-medal-winning box and the two of us, your faithful Web site admins, hamming it up in sunny Italy. Darryl (admin number three!), we wish you could have been there!